Dongho Choi Swims for MJL!

Mark your calendar for July 22 and you can track his swim around Manhattan Island. Click on the picture to read about him and donate to this wonderful cause.

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

Saturday, July 22 starting at Pier A, I will be one of 12 swimmers to circumnavigate the 28.5 miles around Manhattan Island in

New York City as part of the 20 Bridges Manhattan Island Swim Event.

This event will be the pinnacle of my ongoing passion for long distance, open water marathon swim challenges, However, I swim not only for a personal sense of achievement, but also for an important community resource that is close to my heart and that deserves wider support: The Mary Jacob Public Library.

This summer, I will swim to do my part in raising funds for Mary Jacobs Library. This local library needs to renovate its space and modernize its services to better provide its outstanding educational resources and special programs to every member, from Seniors to toddlers.

Thank you in advance for your help and support in my Manhattan Island Swim. Your donation is fully tax deductible, and you can be confident that your generosity will be put to excellent use in support of our Mary Jacobs Library. You can make your donation here. If you have additional questions please email me at, or Brenda Fallon at, President, Board of Trustees, Mary Jacobs Memorial Library.

Please follow links below for more information about the Mary Jacobs Memorial Library and my swim.

Mary Jacobs Memorial LibraryInformation about 20 Bridges Manhattan Island SwimTrack my 20 Bridges Manhattan Island Swim (You can track my swim progress on 7/22/17)

Thanks again for your help and support. Donate today!