Raconteur Radio at the Library

In the age of pressing homework, sports practice, late shifts, and multi-screen households, the idea of getting the whole family to spend the evening in the same room together might seem like a cozy fantasy reserved for special holiday times. Maybe the classic holiday movies give us a warm fuzzy feeling because they help us remember times when this kind of togetherness was not so hard to achieve. But rewind history a little bit further, and you’ll reach a time before the age of the household television, when the king of evening entertainment was the radio.

Before televisions became available, families with radios could spend the evening sitting together listening to plays and dramas performed live for their listening pleasure. Content ranged from comedy to high adventure, and the performances featured multiple voices, sound effects, and often live music. At Mary Jacobs, we’re offering you a chance to try out the fun of the radio play with your whole family this holiday season!

We’re thrilled to be bringing in a group called Raconteur Radio, which performs live dramas in the style of a radio play for a live audiences across the state and the region. They’ll be performing a rendition of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic A Christmas Carol, complete with costumes, props, sound effects, and songs. We’ll be serving festive drinks and treats, making this a great holiday experience for the whole family. We hope to see you there! Registration is required and space is limited. Call us at (609) 924-7073 ext. 4, or stop by the library to find out more!
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